***SOLD OUT*** Kingsman Sauce (Limited Edition) – Kingsman Movie – The Golden Circle



What does princess say to eggsy in ? I need the

This sauce is created for the fans of Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie. This will be a collectors item for all fans of this spy movie.

****Limited edition****

A naturally fermented Hoi sin sauce infused with Scottish whisky to make this the ultimate secret sauce

We combined our philosophy of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with the age-old craft of fermentation. We age our secret soyabean mash in whiskey barrels for 1 month. The soybeans takes on complex flavors from the oak barrels and the natural fermentation process. Absolutely no preservatives or additives go into our kingsman sauce. Each bottle is handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure the most intense flavors.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Demerara Sugar, Soyabean mash, White Vinegar, Scottish Whisky, Salt, Blackbeans, garlic, xanthan gum, sesame oil, spices