Top 5 GF dishes

Don’t ever miss eating Chinese food again. There 5 recipes will inspire you to make gluten free Chinese food at home again or you are always welcome at Sweet Mandarin restaurant in Manchester for a bite to eat.



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We are excited to announce that Sweet Mandarin will be back on your TV screens, once again, for the new series of ‘The Best of British Takeaways’.

Stay tuned into the BBC2, at 7pm on the 21st March 2017, to see Sweet Mandarin’s very own Lisa Tse and Helen Tse competing to win the title for the Chinese takeaway category!

The Best of British Takeaways

Tom Kerridge and Cherry Healey celebrate the nation’s favourite takeaways and the history behind them in a brand new three-part series.
Delving behind Britain’s counters, we discover what it takes to make our takeaways and unwrap the rich multi-cultural history of our nation through our fast food.

Gluten-Free Sweet and Sour Sauce

Gluten Free Sweet and Sour

Sweet Mandarin’s authentic Sweet and Sour sauce is gluten free and made with natural colourings.

Perfect to make gluten free Sweet and Sour Chicken, gluten free sweet and sour pork, gluten free sweet and sour chicken stir fry, gluten free sweet and sour chicken balls, gluten free sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice, gluten free sweet and sour sauce, gluten free sweet and sour tofu, gluten free sweet and sour king prawns, gluten free sweet and sour fish, gluten free sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Gluten Free Sweet Chilli Sauce


Sweet Chilli Recipes Ideas

Sweet Mandarin gluten free Sweet chili sauce is a superb condiment for many dishes. It’s great in quick healthy stir fries, with shrimp or as a dip for finger foods. Sweet Mandarin Sweet chili sauce is also a great glaze on chicken, beef, pork, seafood and grilled vegetables.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Recipe

Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Recipe


Gluten Free Steak (Pie)


Want to learn how to make the perfect crust for your steak pie or even just make THE most perfect steak of your liking (well – medium – medium rare – rare)?

Join on Sweet Mandarin Gluten Free Chinese cookery course at Sweet Mandarin restaurant in Manchester.

Make that date night special with gluten free steak and for family night try the gluten free steak pie. Mama mia – Bon Apetito

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Gluten Free Breakfast

Gluten Free Breakfast

Start the day right with a breakfast. There are over 1000 breakfast recipes when you join the Sweet Mandarin Cookery School in Manchester. You will learn how to wake up early to make a quick, breakfast or a slow and leisurely breakfast to inspire you with flavours around the world.

Want to spoil your loved one wow them with a balanced breakfast that is gluten free.

Sample Breakfast recipes include:-

Cornflake Gluten Free French Toast

Baked Buckwheats Gluten Free with ginger beer bacon

Gluten Free Rice Burek

Gluten Free Chinese Porridge

Gluten Free Pancakes

Gluten Free Shakshuka

Gluten Free Blintzes

Gluten Free Apple pie in a jar

Gluten Free Avocado, Mango and Lime Smooth

Gluten Free Superberry and Fennel Smoothie


Want to learn all this just email for more info and quote BREAKFAST!

Gluten Free Spring Rolls

Gluten Free Spring Rolls

‘Sweet Mandarin’s Gluten Free Sweet and Sour Sauce or Gluten Free Sweet Chilli Sauce go so well with Gluten Free Spring Rolls.

Many students have had trouble with rice paper to make these gluten free spring rolls.

At Sweet Mandarin Cookery School we teach you have to use the rice paper, make your gluten free spring rolls, how to get them EXTRA crispy and how to cook them to perfection.

To learn more tips please book on the Sweet Mandarin Cookery School for the Gluten Free Chinese Cooking Lesson

Gluten Free Chinese Cookery Lessons – Sweet Mandarin

Tamari Egg Fried Rice

Lisa is the CEO and head chef of Sweet Mandarin an award winning Chinese restaurant and sought after cookery school in Manchester, which she set up in 2004. Sweet Mandarin offers authentic Chinese cuisine and exotic cocktails and opened to media acclaim being featured in numerous press stories including the Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Guardian, BBC Newsnight and as the cover story for Shanghai Daily. Lisa’s amazing story stems from being the third generation of women restauranteur. Lisa learnt how to cook and appreciate food from her mothe and grandmother – helping to make Chinese banquets and dim sum from the age of 11 years old.


The cookery school began as a partnership with a local catering college and extended to working with numerous local schools. Being the first Chinese restaurant in the North to open up the secrets of the wok, this initiative was immediately booked up by teachers and students – where they learn the history of Chinese food, how to make dim sum, stir fries and balance the ying yang of foods as well as how to budget. Lisa single handedly made home economics one of the most sought after curriculum options – and soon parents and teachers wanted to learn how to make dim sum. The Sweet Mandarin cookery school was born and now serves to teach the public how to cook good Chinese cuisine, dim sum and carve fruit origami. We also have a gluten free Chinese cooking course and Health is wealth cooking course.

For more information please email for prices, availability and details.



You are invited to our Chinese New Year Party to welcome in The Year of The Rooster in 2017.

Chinese New Year Vector Free
Chinese New Year Vector Free

We are having a special menu for you to sample and try (see below).


DUMPLINGS (4 in a starter portion, 8 in main course portion)

Our home made dumplings are made incorporating Sweet Mandarin Sauces into the filling mixture. The tradition is of Chinese dumplings is to make as a family and dumplings generally symbolizes wealth. We loved dumplings so much and experimented with all the flavours that we have created a variety of dumplings for you to try and love.

D1. Boiled Kung Pao Chicken & Veg Dumpling £4.95 / £6.95

The kung fu of all dumplings is the Kung Pao. It resembles the punch of the  chillies, the kick of the sweet and sour and the yin and yang of true Chinese flavours. This dumpling has got a spicy and sweet mouthful and without a doubt deliciously moreish.

D2. Crispy Lily Kwok Chicken & Veg Dumpling £4.95/ £6.95

Lily Kwok is my grandmother whom all the customers called her Lil’s. It’s a curry that is one of a kind. Once tasted never forgotten. Liily kwok’s Curry incorporated in this crispy dumpling is just like going back in time to my grandmother’s restaurant in Middleton. Curry in a dumpling – now that’s a dumpling with heritage and street cred.

D3. Steamed Chilli Ginger and Garlic Chicken & Veg Dumpling £4.95 / £6.95

This dumpling is one of a kind. A great dumpling has balance and to get the flavours all working together without overpowering is tricky. This is a true winner. I love you to try our chilli, ginger garlic sauce infused into the filling. It’s just spicy, tangy and tasty.

D4. Boiled Barbecue Chicken & Veg Dumpling £4.95 / £6.95

This dumpling is inspired from our cook off on The F Word where we served a similar type dumpling on the Channel 4 show. Incorporating the Asian flavoured Barbecue sauce into the filling has give the dumpling a new take on Chinese Chicken dumplings. Created for all your barbecue lovers you won’t be disappointed.

D5. Crispy Sweet Chilli Prawn & Veg Dumpling £4.95 / £6.95

This dumpling is a firm favourite at Sweet Mandarin. This dumpling is inspired from the traditional Ming Har Gok dim sum but we have brought it to another level. Juicy chopped king prawns, with kale, ginger and quinoa all mixed together with Sweet Mandarin Sweet chilli Sauce. Delicately cooked to ensure the pastry is crispy. Served with additional Sweet Mandarin Sweet Chilli Sauce.

D6.  Crispy Hoi Sin Duck Dumpling Rolls £5.95 / £8.95

Our hoi sin sauce has won purely on taste and when you add it to our slow braised duck you get a pure winner. The dumpling skin is crispy to give you the crispy aromatic duck experience in a roll.


Recommend dishes to accompany your feast will also be on the main menu.

We would love to welcome in the Year of the Rooster with you with our special feast and have a cocktastic time!

Please email to book a table and time

Best Wishes and Sweet Dishes

Lisa, Helen and Team !